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What do we pay attention to after the oxidation of aluminum?


Put the cesium aluminum oxide process requirements, bef […]

Put the cesium aluminum oxide process requirements, before the heat treatment process of welding workpiece into or through inorganic solvent cleaning, in addition to the appearance of net oil, but now can not do this, so the workpiece surface form a layer of oil coking sintering, coking in this layer of organic solvents is difficult to remove, if soaking will cause the part corrosion in alkaline solution, pitting occurred or uneven, seriously affect the quality of goods. So, what do we pay attention to after the aluminum oxide treatment? Today man, let's get to know it together.
1. hot water rinsing. The purpose of hot water washing is the aging film. However, the level and time should be strictly controlled, and the water temperature is too high and the color is thinner. Too long will also show the above similar results, the suitable temperature and time is: temperature 40~50 centigrade time 0.5~1MIN.
2. is boring. Boring to dry as well, the workpiece Xiegua hot water to keep stuffing on the shelf, let the free water in the vertical direction of the task looks down. The water droplets that flow to the corners of the lower end are sucked out with towels. The color of the film dried by this method is not affected, and it is natural.
3. aging. The aging method can be decided according to the climatic conditions. The sunlight can be exposed to sunlight in winter, and it can be oxidized on the rainy days or is baked in the oven in summer. The technological conditions are: 40~50 10~15min, and time.
4. rework of unqualified parts. The unqualified conductive oxide film should be picked out before the dry and aging process. Because the film is difficult to be removed after drying and aging, and it will also affect the roughness of the workpiece surface. With regard to unqualified work, we can take the following complex measures to stop the treatment.
The unqualified workpiece clamp in anodic aluminum oxide is used on, and then press Aluminum Alloy anodized in sulfuric acid solution to stop the disposal of anode 2~3min, film to be solid, scattered, followed by alkali cleaning and nitric acid to stop the conductive anodizing light.