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The specific application of industrial aluminum


   There are many types of industrial aluminum, accordi […]

   There are many types of industrial aluminum, according to different types of applications are also different.
   First, aerospace. We all know that some of the parts on the plane with aluminum, specifically what is it? Such as the wing of the aircraft wing panels, beams, beams, propeller, etc., while the rocket forging ring, the spacecraft wall panels will be applied 2 series and 7 series aluminum alloy, with high corrosion resistance, high strength, And good thermal processing performance.
   Second, transportation. Now the cars are focused on lightweight production, the use of aluminum body with a lightweight, sealed and high corrosion resistance of the performance, such as subway, elevated railway, intercity railway and so have applications.
   Third, the radiator. Aluminum alloy light, beautiful, and has good thermal conductivity, easy processing, widely used in radiator profiles. Radiator profiles are mainly flat wide, sunflower, comb type, round and dendritic type and other types. Aluminum radiator profiles are widely used in the field of electronic equipment. In addition. In the field of communications and new energy applications is also widely used.
   Fourth, building furniture and doors and windows. Like coffee table, sofas, cabinets and other furniture, doors and windows high-rise curtain wall construction will use the aluminum.
   Fifth, medical equipment. Many medical equipment for the 6061 alloy aluminum, light weight, high performance and strength, good corrosion resistance, can be used for wheelchairs, stretchers, nursing beds, easy to disassemble, easy to carry.
   It can be seen that industrial aluminum can not only be used in the field of transportation, but also can be used in the decoration and medical field, can be described as a wide range of applications. This material is cost-effective or performance use is very good.