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Several kinds of industrial aluminum special dyeing method


   1. Industrial aluminum infiltration dyeing process: […]

   1. Industrial aluminum infiltration dyeing process:
The process is a very simple, cheap way to get abstract, irregular like flowers and marble, wood and other color, multi-color pattern dyeing method. Widely used in industrial aluminum and aluminum decorative materials.
Infiltration dyeing process is to have been oxidized dyeing and sealing of industrial aluminum, with chromic acid or oxalic acid spray, drip, and then asbestos, glass fiber and other random scoring. The main use of acid acid, oxalic acid solution to penetrate the spread, where the contact with chromic acid, oxalic acid parts of the color fade, and then immediately rinse with water, so that the reaction stopped, and then infected with different colors, the above steps can be repeated, and finally Get a colorful abstract pattern.
Achromatic (brown) liquid is generally available: CrO ?, 30-40 g / L or H? C? O4,200-300 g / L or MgSO4.7H? O, 300-400 g / L; plus HAC, 3-5 mL / L Or KMnO4, 100-200 g / l, plus HAC, 1-2 mL / L.
After treatment with chromic acid or oxalic acid, if any of the following solutions are immersed, more cluttered color can be obtained.
Solution 1: KMnO4, 10-200 g / L, time 5-10 s;
Solution 2: NaOH, 10-50 g / L, time 3-5 s;
Solution 3: NaClO, 50-150 g / L, time 3-5 s;
If the use of porcelain oxidation, the anode membrane by infiltration method, the pattern is more generous, beautiful, more like antique ceramics, more unique charm.
   2. Industrial aluminum two-color dyeing process:
In the industrial aluminum anodic oxide film on the process of dyeing a color known as monochrome dyeing. The use of a variety of means in the industrial aluminum to form two or more colors of the process called two-color dyeing. There are many ways to deal with two-color dyeing. Here is only one example to illustrate.
Will be anodized after the industrial aluminum first dyeing the first color (light), and then use the rubber printing method or screen printing method to transparent alkyd varnish for printing, printed on the industrial aluminum pattern on the pattern The After drying, brown treatment, and then the second dyeing (dark), after cleaning the seal, you can get a beautiful two-color pattern tricks. Multi-color dyeing can also be achieved in the same way.
Brown solution (mass fraction): NaClO, 1%; HNO ?, 30%; Na? PO4.5%; CrO ?, 100-200 g / L; H? SO4, 100 g / L.
   3. Industrial aluminum pattern dyeing process:
Industrial aluminum by anodic oxidation and immersion in the auxiliary solution, the auxiliary agent is a small amount of grease containing cold water, aluminum surface will be stained with part of the oil. As the oil is unevenly coated with aluminum surface, so the surface of the aluminum pieces will be the depth of the abstract pattern.