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Several advantages of aluminum extrusion profile


Compared with other processing methods aluminum kneadin […]

Compared with other processing methods aluminum kneading profiles of several significant advantages:
Less machining: the aluminum alloy can be kneaded into any clutter section, therefore, just planning a reasonable, kneading aluminum alloy material can also be easily assembled, and then reduce the demand for machining some shape as long as the kneading to get , Through other technologies can not be completed.
Aluminum kneading mold cost is low: with other competition materials, rolling molding, forging, forging, etc., aluminum kneading mold costs lower.
High construction power: aluminum kneading profiles to complete the maximum structural power in the demand to increase the intensity of the local will be able to use the name of the profile, in the absence of the local to remove the aluminum.
Light weight: kneading aluminum alloy components of light weight, high strength, and long time due to the difference between the function of aluminum and other competing materials to complete the same role in the composition of the aluminum structure as long as about half of other metal structures, and other metals are not easy Processing.
The appearance of the treatment of diverse, and strong corrosion resistance: After powder or electrophoretic coating, planners can complete any desired color of course also contains natural silver or color anodic oxide film.
Less protection: aluminum is a naturally used metal, and the appearance of the above treatment more enhanced its versatility.http://www.jiayunaluminium.com/