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Industrial aluminum stamping process should pay attention to the problems and methods


Aluminum stamping because the material is relatively so […]

Aluminum stamping because the material is relatively soft compared to metal iron, expensive, easy to break and some of the aluminum alloy products need to follow-up processing, such as drawing ﹑ anode processing, particularly prone to injury in the stamping injury, scratch, industrial aluminum Profile in the mold to pay special attention to the following points:
1. For the project does not affect the number of punching as far behind the project punching, punching more even for the number of products can be considered to do more than one project will be punched in the back row.
2. The aluminum material is softer and the mold is easier to block the material. Therefore, when designing the mold to put the gap, it is better to place 10% of the gap between the two sides of the material. The straight edge of the blade is more suitable for 2mm and the taper is 0.8-1 °.
3. Bending molding, the aluminum material is easy to produce when bending aluminum scrap, will cause injury, indentation, aluminum material to be affixed to the PE film, the roller and the case of electroplating, forming blocks polished hard chrome Better.
4. For the anode after the processing of stamping parts, if there are flattening ﹑ flattening process 180 °, the product can not be completely pressed together, will produce a complete acid pressure spit acid, leaving a 0.2-0.3MM slit, so that the acid smoothly Timely outflow, it must be done in this process block and calibration module above the mold.
5 due to the aluminum material is more brittle, easy to crack, especially in the case of the reverse edge, so try not to do pressure line, even if to do, but also to do a little wide pressure line, playing a little lighter.
6.All aluminum parts are required to cut the wire walking slowly to prevent burr and blanking phenomenon, industrial aluminum aluminum parts prone to high temperatures, so the punch hardness of 60 ° or more, at least with SKD11 material above, can not have D2 and other poor quality Chongzi. Aluminum material is softer, so it is easy to produce top injury, crushing, scratching and deformation in the production of stamping, in addition to the requirements of the mold to do, in stamping production but also to do the following:
1. To stamping aluminum to do well to reduce the non-performing rate, we must first do a good job 5S, especially clean, with die, punch table, assembly line and packaging materials must be no sharp debris, no clean and regular rectification, Mold must be cleaned up and down, no debris.
2. Glitches larger products must be promptly sent to the mold maintenance and follow-up to the results.
3. Aluminum parts are more prone to heat, and backlog together harden, so in the punching when the material needs to be coated with pressure pull the oil (that can heat, but also smooth smooth blanking) and then stamping.
Punching more products need to be done Hit a bit to clean up the mold surface, so die ﹑ industrial aluminum products forever clean and free of debris, reduce the top wounds and found that the top wound must be the top of the mold to identify and solve the problem Can continue production.
5. Push the mold pushing block will produce aluminum scrap, so the push block must be cleaned every day after the production of aluminum scrap pieces pushed.


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