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How to identify the quality of aluminum profiles


Aluminum profile is used to process aluminum alloy door […]

Aluminum profile is used to process aluminum alloy doors, windows, glass curtain wall and for the decoration of a hot-extruded aluminum profiles, with light, beautiful, durable features, are widely used in various types of construction and decoration industry.
Here are several anodized coloring profiles of several simple identification methods:
Logo inspection: Aluminum and packaging are marked with the product code and production license number and so on.
Surface quality: In addition to the aluminum surface should be clean, does not allow cracks, peeling, corrosion and air bubbles and other defects exist, but also does not allow corrosion spots, electric burns, dark spots, oxide film shedding and other defects.
Oxide film thickness: Aluminum oxide film is formed in the anodic oxidation, with a protective and decorative effect, eddy current thickness gauge can be used for testing.
Corrosion resistance: This indicator mainly affects the life of aluminum profiles. Corrosion resistance inspection Copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test and droplet test. Dropping alkali test here. That is, at 35 ℃ ± 1 ℃, about 10mg, 100g / L NaOH solution was dropped to the aluminum surface, the drop was observed visually until the emergence of corrosion bubbling, the oxide film was calculated through time. This test is easy to judge outdoor in summer. To ensure the accuracy of the test, it must be carried out under the strict requirements of the laboratory.