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How to buy aluminum?


    Now on the market a variety of aluminum, dazzling, […]

    Now on the market a variety of aluminum, dazzling, a lot of automation equipment manufacturers have been phased out with iron manufacturing machinery, compared with iron, although the higher cost, but the price is really good. So when the purchase of aluminum should pay attention to what?
Aluminum long life, anti-corrosion, the surface after oxidation and dirty and beautiful appearance, even if the oil is also easy to clean oil. As the aluminum has a wide range of superior performance, so buyers will be tangled in the selection, and now to tell you that the purchase of industrial aluminum should comply with the three principles:
Do not buy bargains. Industrial aluminum market prices are transparent, some significantly lower than the market price of aluminum can not choose, is likely to be non-compliance of the defective or second-hand after the renovation of the product, there is a big security risk.
2. If you do not understand the installation and use, to the professional manufacturers to buy, rather than ordinary sales stores, because they are only responsible for the sale and not responsible for the installation, to find workers to install, the cost increases.
3. To the regular business to buy, regular business products, the quality and performance are better than the average, and the price is also the market price.
Purchase aluminum to pay attention to the above principles, and pay attention to models, to buy the right aluminum can be better used in the production of them.