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Four key to strengthen the industrial aluminum jet cleaning method


Industrial aluminum spray cleaning method is widely use […]

Industrial aluminum spray cleaning method is widely used, due to complex equipment, process requirements are higher, in order to ensure the best results, industrial aluminum manufacturers must be prompted from the following aspects:
One: to strengthen the process , strict implementation of the operating procedures. Check the running status every day, always look at the process parameters. Do not stop the workpiece in the equipment, so as not to rust.
Two: pay attention to the quality of washing. Workpieces in the degreasing process, with a residue, if not washed, affecting product quality. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the residue from the workpiece to remove it called water. In industrial production, in order to save water, washing water is generally used for recycling, so the washing will be gradually stained by the cleaning agent. Aluminum to reduce the degree of pollution, we should first minimize the workpiece entrainment cleaning fluid pollution under the process. In addition should consider multi-level washing, usually two water washing, and some process or pure water wash. After the first level of water washing the maximum stain does not cross the previous level of cleaning the workpiece one-tenth, so that the secondary cleaning of the workpiece residue concentration is only the original concentration, one percent. In the addition of water wash, the use of countercurrent to make up to save water.
Three: foam and its control, in the metal cleaning, the occurrence of foam or root is very important to the process, a certain amount of foam on some of the treatment process is beneficial, but the quality of industrial aluminum cleaning agent does not depend on the foam How many, and in the jet, the cleaning agent is required to low foam, or mass production can not be normal. Commonly used defoaming by: intervene defoamer; use of low foam active agent; control temperature; reduce the mixing of air and so on.
Four: degreasing formula, due to a single group of cleaning agent effect is relatively poor, so the production of industrial aluminum rarely used, the general use of multi-component, complex cleaning agent, because the strong base, weak base, polymerization inorganic Salts, surfactants and other suitable common cleaning agent, can be very good to play their own cleaning characteristics, which can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency. Especially after adding a small amount of surfactant can be doubled to improve the cleaning efficiency, industrial aluminum cleaning agent formula can be cleaned according to the type of oil, aluminum parts of the material, cleaning methods and so on to try to determine.http://www.jiayunaluminium.com/