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Characteristics of poor quality aluminum


Aluminum is divided into high-quality aluminum and low- […]

Aluminum is divided into high-quality aluminum and low-quality aluminum, which, low-quality aluminum features are:
1, the chemical composition of unqualified, mixed with a large number of products in the aluminum, aluminum, aluminum greatly reduced the cost, but will lead to building aluminum chemical composition failed, seriously endangering the safety of construction.
2, low-grade aluminum to reduce the closure time, reducing the loss of chemical reagents, the cost down, but the profile corrosion resistance is greatly reduced.
3, the oxide film thickness is thin. National standards for construction aluminum oxide film thickness should be not less than 10um (microns). Thickness is not enough, aluminum surface corrosion, corrosion. Pumping some of the no name, site, production license, certificate of aluminum, the oxide film thickness of only 2 to 4um, and some even no oxide film. According to experts estimate the reduction of 1um oxide film thickness per ton of profiles can reduce the cost of electricity costs more than 150 yuan.
Unqualified aluminum, when used due to air, rain and sunshine and other effects, resulting in deformation of aluminum, and even cause the glass rupture and fall off and so on.