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Aluminum profile maintenance and repair


Aluminum profiles are widely used in various industries […]

Aluminum profiles are widely used in various industries for their unique advantages and are becoming more and more popular.We all know that no matter what the product, some necessary maintenance and repair must be carried out before use to make the product more effective , And extend the life of the product, the same is true for the aluminum.As aluminum has both the characteristics of the metal and the characteristics of the alloy, so maintenance and maintenance mainly for aluminum profiles of these two characteristics to carry out.

1, It is forbidden to loosely load the aluminum profile during shipment, resulting in bruising, affecting the quality and appearance of the aluminum profile.
2, if the aluminum surface erosion and pollution, it is necessary to carry out timely cleaning, scaling first with a soft cloth stained with alcohol scrub, then rinse.
3, cleaning aluminum, should be used with a lubricant or neutral detergent warm water cleaning, not allowed to use acid or alkaline cleaning agent.
4, scrub aluminum, with a soft cloth, towels is appropriate, non-use of emery, sandpaper, wire brush or other abrasive scrub aluminum surface.
5, after cleaning the aluminum, it is best to use high-quality topcoat wax to protect the anodic oxidation coating, but also can be evenly sprayed with a layer of acrylic-based acrylic varnish.