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Aluminum before welding how to deal with


Welding is a common step in aluminum processing Aluminu […]

Welding is a common step in aluminum processing Aluminum profiles should be prepared before cleaning, there are two specific cleaning methods:
1, chemical cleaning: chemical cleaning high efficiency, stable quality, suitable for cleaning wire and small size, batch production of the workpiece. Available dipping method and scrub method two. Can be used acetone, gasoline, kerosene and other organic solvent surface degreasing, 40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ 5% ~ 10% naoh solution alkaline cleaning 3min ~ 7min (pure aluminum time longer but not more than 20min), rinse with clean water, 30% hno3 solution at room temperature to 60 ℃ pickling 1min ~ 3min, rinse with clean water, air-dried or low-temperature drying.
2, mechanical cleaning: the workpiece size larger, longer production cycle, multi-layer welding or chemical cleaning and then stained, often using mechanical cleaning. First with acetone, gasoline and other organic solvents to wipe the surface to degreasing, and then directly with a diameter of 0.15mm ~ 0.2mm copper wire brush or stainless steel wire brush, brush until the metal luster. In general should not be polished with a grinding wheel or ordinary sandpaper, so as to avoid the sand left in the metal surface, weld into the molten pool generated slag and other defects. Also available scraper, file, etc. to be cleaned surface to be welded.
Not only cleaning work, do a good job of all the preparatory work to better ensure the welding effect of aluminum, so that the final processing effect is better.